How do you recognise a reputable provider?

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Which factors you should pay particular attention to when choosing your stairlift provider and when you should pull the emergency brake!  

How can you recognise a reputable provider?

With over years of experience Sonilift is a reliable and safe partner when it comes to stairlifts.  

Together with our colleagues, we work every day to make our processes even faster and more effective so that you can have your stairlift in your home as quickly as possible!  

Because when stairs become a hurdle, it's important to have the right partner at your side.  There are a lot of stairlift providers in Germany. You can quickly check who is reputable.

Our Sonilift tip:

Find out from stairlift companies that have been on the market for a long time.  

Check here the Accessibility. Many offer a 24/7 service here. So why don't you call at 9.00 pm and see if anyone answers the phone or if you are just connected to an answering machine?  

Here is a simple thought experiment:  

"If you can't be reached by a new customer, how easy is it to reach such a company when you as a customer have a fault?  

Because in the event of a malfunction, you as the customer are sitting alone - in the middle of the stairs.  

Furthermore, be sure to ask for a showroom or for Reference runs. This allows you to get a feel for the employees and your potential stairlift.  

Check whether it is possible to have a technical advisor come to your home at short notice (free of charge and without obligation, of course).

This is the only way to really check the conditions of the stairwell and the user and which lift solution is required.  

You can also ask specifically for Sample chairs, that the consultant can bring along for demonstration purposes. Or whether you could have a straight lift installed for a trial.  

If this is denied and only a few photos of the staircase are requested in order to send a supposedly "customised offer". Be sure to keep your hands off them.  

If you receive a "no" or vague and opaque excuses for all the other points mentioned, ask yourself whether this is really the right partner for you.   


Sonilift Tip:  

In principle, all possible decision-makers should be present at a consultation in your home.

This is the only way to directly prevent misunderstandings and, if necessary, even make a decision at short notice.  

Because your stairlift should be there when you need it. 

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Have you already started building a stairlift?



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