Sonilift: Your stairlift expert for a self-determined life

Sonilift operates throughout Germany and its stairlifts provide customised solutions for overcoming barriers in the home. The design is intended to be an attractive, elegant and discreet addition to the home. Managing Director Dennis Soblik and his team can look back on years of experience in the industry. Sonilift has been located in the Bocholt Technology Park since 2020.

Welcome to Sonilift - your reliable partner for stairlifts in Germany. With many years of experience, we install stairlifts and give people with limited mobility back the freedom they need in their own homes.

Our vision

The declared aim of our owner-managed company from Bocholt in Westphalia is to maintain the joy of an active life in familiar surroundings and thus contribute to increased safety and quality of life.

Our products

Sonilift GmbH offers a wide range of lifts for all types of stairs. Our stairlifts are safe, reliable and comfortable. They are also available in a variety of designs and colours to blend harmoniously into any home decor. We pride ourselves on offering our customers first-class products.

Flying high with two stairlifts

The two stairlifts "Flow X" and "HomeGlide" are at the centre of the range. Both are masterpieces of engineering and extremely comfortable and safe, precise and robust. 

The "Flow X" monorail curved stairlift is the first choice for curved stairs thanks to its certified technology.

The "HomeGlide", on the other hand, is the perfect solution for straight stairs: compact, flexibly configurable and discreet. With "Flow X" and "HomeGlide", almost any height barrier can be overcome with ease and style.

Our team

Our dedicated team is made up of experienced professionals who are passionate about accessibility and the needs of our customers. From design and planning to installation and maintenance, we endeavour to achieve outstanding results and provide you with the best service.

Our passion

SoniIift GmbH is firmly committed to ensuring that in all our activities highest Scales to set. Dennis Soblik not only brings extensive industry knowledge and experience to the table, but also an unshakeable Passion for what Sonilift is all about. Under his leadership, our team has specialised in offering solutions that not only meet current requirements, but are also forward-looking.

The future of stairlifts

"I am convinced that stairlifts can make an important contribution to Accessibility can afford. Stairlifts will play an even more important role in the future as our population continues to age and the number of people with limited mobility increases. At Sonilift, we want to be pioneers in the development of innovative stairlifts," says Sonilift Managing Director Dennis Soblik.

Our values

At Sonilift, we attach great importance to quality, reliability and Innovation. Our products are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure that they meet the needs of our customers in every respect. We are proud to be able to support our customers effectively in their everyday lives.

Customer orientation

The satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. We work closely with you to develop customised solutions that meet your requirements. Our long-standing customer relationships are proof of our commitment.

Get in touch with us

Would you like to find out more about Sonilift or take advantage of our services? Do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your trust! Adapt your home to your needs - and not the other way round!

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