What does a stairlift cost?

Overview of the costs of a stairlift

You can expect these costs

With a lift from Sonilift, we bring new mobility and joie de vivre into your home - and at an unbeatable price.

Our customised solution with a great design and the latest innovations makes your everyday life noticeably easier. At the same time, the stairlift adapts perfectly and unobtrusively to your living conditions.

Expert advice with a full service. Our stairlift offers all the special features available on the market. Our specially trained sales representatives will be happy to advise you personally.

What factors influence our price?

We want to work out the most sustainable and best solution for our customers so that the purchase of a stairlift always remains affordable for you.

There are various factors that play a decisive role in the calculation and costs of every quotation. The most important ones result from the following questions:

  • How long will the rail be? This depends on the choice of the side of the staircase on which the lift is to be installed. How the rail guide, including all possible curves, is planned as a whole.
  • How many curves will the stairlift solution have?
  • Is a fully automatic folding rail required?
  • How many stops/parking spaces are planned?
  • How quickly should the lift be delivered and installed?
  • Is it a new or used lift?

Of course, we know that everyone asks the question "How much will my stairlift cost?".

For this reason, take advantage of our free service today and arrange an on-site appointment. During this appointment, our stairlift consultants will provide you with a personalised quotation tailored to your situation.

Incidentally, our consultants specialise in subsidies and funding opportunities, and it is not uncommon for our customers in certain federal states to have almost no additional payment when purchasing a stairlift!

What does a stairlift cost?

Stairlift type Staircase shape Price
Stairlift Straight staircases indoors from 4.500,00 Euro
Stairlift Curved stairs in the interior from 9.000,00 Euro
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