Sonilift GmbH honoured with "Top Service (DIQP)" award

As a stairlift provider, we were recognised for our outstanding customer service following a successful certification process and were awarded the grade "very good" in a customer survey in accordance with the DIQP (German Institute for Quality Standards and Testing) standard.

The certification of Sonilift was carried out by SQC-QualityCert GmbH from Berlin, which certifies companies and organisations according to the Top Service DIQP standard. The DIQP is an independent organisation that develops quality and seal of approval standards for various areas of everyday life.

The "Top Service (DIQP)The "Seal of Approval" is awarded to companies that undergo an anonymous and independent customer evaluation. Various aspects such as availability, customer friendliness, response times and the handling of customer feedback are assessed. In addition, the management is asked about various customer service services. The results of both parts are combined and, if the assessment is successful, lead to the award of the "Top Service" seal.

The aim of this certification process is to show potential customers in advance whether the company offers a good service. The customer ratings also provide a comprehensive insight and help companies to identify potential areas for optimisation.

Oliver Scharfenberg, Managing Director of SQC-QualityCert, congratulates the Sonilift GmbH for the top service award: "The customer survey shows once again that Sonilift guarantees an outstanding service. The customer opinions were extremely positive. From the customers' point of view, Sonilift offers outstanding customer service and we are delighted to be able to award the company a 'very good' rating."

Dennis Soblik, Managing Director of Sonilift GmbHproudly comments on the award: "We see stairlifts as an important contribution to accessibility and want to give our customers more freedom within their own four walls. Our team is committed to the well-being of our customers every day. The positive feedback in the customer survey is both the greatest praise and a strong motivation for us. We are delighted to have been honoured once again with a very good rating. The results of the customer survey will help us to continuously optimise our customer service. A big thank you to our customers and the entire Sonilift team." 

Sonilift is a company that installs stairlifts throughout Germany to give people with limited mobility more freedom in their own homes. Sonilift stairlifts combine safety, comfort and a variety of designs that blend harmoniously into any home. Sonilift provides a variety of customised solutions for every need: The "Flow X" is specially designed for curved stairs, while the "HomeGlide" is ideal for straight stairs. The dedicated team of experienced professionals is passionate about accessibility and continuously strives for innovative solutions that meet the highest standards of quality and reliability. Customer satisfaction always takes centre stage. By working closely together, Sonilift is able to fulfil individual requirements and offer maximum quality of life. 

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