More quality of life with a stairlift from Sonilift

Climbing stairs can become a challenge for senior citizens as they get older. Joint problems, muscle weakness or other health restrictions can make climbing stairs difficult or even impossible. In this case, a stairlift can be a sensible solution for maintaining mobility in your own home.

Sonilift stairlifts from Bocholt

Sonilift stairlifts from Bocholt are customised and individually tailored to the customer's needs. The company offers a wide range of stairlifts for all types of stairs, including curved staircases, spiral staircases and external staircases.

The advantages of a stairlift from Sonilift

A Sonilift stairlift offers a number of advantages for senior citizens who have difficulty climbing stairs:

  • Increased security: A stairlift offers a safe and convenient means of transport for senior citizens who are no longer able to climb stairs independently.
  • More independence: A stairlift enables senior citizens to move freely and independently in their own home.
  • Improved quality of life: A stairlift can help to improve the quality of life of senior citizens by giving them greater mobility and independence.

Costs covered by care insurance

The costs of a stairlift can be covered by care insurance under certain conditions. The prerequisite is that the stairlift is necessary to ensure the mobility of the person in need of care.

A stairlift from Sonilift can be a sensible investment for senior citizens who have difficulty climbing stairs. It offers a range of benefits, such as increased safety, greater independence and improved quality of life.

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