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Sonilift stairlift prices - Why a price comparison is worthwhile

The cost of stairlifts varies considerably depending on the provider. It is therefore crucial to obtain comprehensive information about the various offers before making a decision and to compare the prices including all additional benefits and services in detail. Why do stairlift prices vary so much? The price of a stairlift depends on many factors. In general, stairlifts are [...]

Sonilift GmbH honoured with "Top Service (DIQP)" award

As a stairlift provider, we were recognised for our outstanding customer service following a successful certification process and were awarded the grade "very good" in a customer survey in accordance with the DIQP (Deutsches Institut für Qualitätsstandards und -prüfung e.V.) standard. Sonilift's certification was carried out by SQC-QualityCert GmbH from Berlin, which certifies companies and organisations according to the Top Service DIQP standard [...].

Preventing falls in old age

FALL PROPHYLAXE Most accidents occur in the very place where people feel particularly safe and secure: at home. It is often everyday things such as carpet edges, cables lying around or inadequate lighting that lead to a fall. The risk of falling also increases with age, especially when your eyesight and muscle strength deteriorate and it is easier to lose your balance [...].

More quality of life with a stairlift from Sonilift

Climbing stairs can become a challenge for senior citizens as they get older. Joint problems, muscle weakness or other health restrictions can make climbing stairs difficult or even impossible. In this case, a stairlift can be a sensible solution for maintaining mobility in your own home. Sonilift stairlifts from Bocholt Sonilift stairlifts from Bocholt are customised and individually [...]

KfW subsidy for stairlifts: 10 % funding for a better quality of life

The KfW Bank offers a subsidy for the purchase and installation of a stairlift. The subsidy amounts to 10 % of the eligible costs, up to a maximum of 5,000 euros. The subsidy can be applied for by private individuals (owners and tenants) who live in an owner-occupied building. Tenants must provide the landlord's consent for the planned conversion work. Which costs are [...]

New Sonilift website: better user experience and accessibility

We are pleased to present the new Sonilift website. We have completely redesigned the website to improve the user experience and ensure accessibility. Improved user experience The new website has a more modern and appealing design. It is easier to navigate and provides more information about our products and services. [...]