Delivery time guarantee

Sonilift delivery time guarantee

Home is the best place to be most beautiful! We keep our Promises and our delivery times!

In most cases, it only takes a small change to continue living independently. This change is simply called a stairlift.

By installing a Sonilift stairlift, we offer you the usual safety and comfort in your home. Enjoy spending time with your family and friends again.

If we do not have your desired lift ready and fully assembled on the agreed delivery date, you will receive a discount of € 500 on your purchase price for each week of delay.

The only exception to this is a possible customisation of the delivery date by you!

A delivery date you can rely on!

Only valid with an agreed delivery date and signature from the specialist consultant! We will be happy to help you choose the right lift for your living situation and guarantee your delivery time.

Do you have a question or a specific enquiry about a stairlift? Then please use our free service telephone number: 0800 -000 89 08.

Safe, flexible, barrier-free living - guaranteed possible with Sonilift at your side. Thank you for your trust and support.


Calculate the subsidy amount for your stairlift now

Start now with the Sonilift subsidy configurator for your own stairlift and find out the maximum subsidy amount for your stairlift in just a few moments.