New Sonilift website: better user experience and accessibility

We are pleased to present the new Sonilift website. We have completely redesigned the website to improve the user experience and ensure accessibility.

Improved user experience

The new website has a more modern and appealing design. It is easier to navigate and offers more information about our products and services.

We have simplified the navigation structure and made the menus clearer. This allows users to find the desired content more quickly.

We have also improved the search function. The search is now more precise and delivers more relevant results.

We have also added more images and videos to the website. These make the website more appealing and informative.

Accessible website

We are proud of the new Sonilift website. It is modern, appealing and accessible. We believe it offers our users a better service.

New features

In addition to the improved user experience and accessibility, the new website also offers several new features. These include:

  • A live chat that allows users to contact our employees directly.
  • A contact form with which users can make enquiries.
  • Multilingual (German - English (UK) - Dutch - Turkish - Polish)

We hope you like the new website.