Service guarantee

Sonilift service guarantee

Did you know what guarantees you receive with a service contract? Sonilift explains and shows you in this article what our service guarantee includes to ensure your satisfaction.

We keep our Promise and our Service!

Even after years of experience with stairlifts, we want to continuously develop and improve our service for you. You, the user, are always at the centre of everything we do. Because behind every feedback is a personal experience that counts!

The staircase is one of the largest Everyday barriers for elderly or disabled people. By installing a Sonilift stairlift, we offer you the security and comfort you are used to in your home. It improves your quality of life and protects your everyday life.

However, should your lift actually stop, whether it is your own fault or not, provided you have a service contract, we guarantee that your lift will be operational again within 24 hours of Sonilift receiving a fault report (Monday to Friday).

At weekends, we guarantee this service within 48 hours of receiving a fault report (Saturday to Sunday). If we do not fulfil our SERVICE GUARANTEE promise, you as a customer will receive a one-off credit note for €500.

You can easily clarify which system is best suited to your specific needs with our experienced consultants. Together, you can clarify which conditions need to be taken into account at your location. You are also welcome to test drive a stairlift in our showroom. Furthermore, if it is possible in your home, there is always the option of installing a straight stairlift on a trial basis. This allows you to decide how you like the stairlift and how you feel about using it.

Do you have a question or a specific enquiry about a stairlift? Then please use our free service telephone number: 0800 -000 89 08.

Safe, flexible, barrier-free living - guaranteed possible with Sonilift at your side. Thank you for your trust and support.

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